Friday, December 12, 2008

Shampoo for my real friends...

So...In the first few seconds, can anyone tell me what this is a commercial for?

Depression? Drug Addiction? Anorexia?




I happened upon this while I was looking for something else to be angry about.

Why spend thousands of dollars on therapy or expensive drugs, Depressed Girl? We know you are alone in your grey cluttered bathroom, staring into the mirror bemoaning how anxious you are over your bad debt, how fat you think you are, how scarred by years of abuse...TO YOUR HAIR!

Girl, one wash with Pantene and and all your troubles are rinsed away. The grey clutter of your bathroom, will give way to the slow- motion Asian influence loft where your hair will flow like the shellacked pinions of a raven.

You are happy.

You are free.

Thank you Pantene.

1 comment:

rebar said...

I have tried Pantene in the past...and I don't remember waking up with a pool and a sex swing at the ready.

What a gyp.

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