Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The influence swap meet

Since I didn't get a chance yesterday to offer my speculations on your influences, I offer them here:

Mr. Janes (I peeked, but would have said Ernie Kovacs as well): Mike Nichols, James L. Brooks, The Police
Notnits: Bloom County, William Goldman, George & Ira Gershwin
Rebar: Dorothy Parker, Buzzcocks, Jean Shepherd, Samuel L. Jackson
Powers (Happy to see you here!): Phish, Calvin and Hobbes, Bob Odenkirk

This is fun for me, so if anyone else has the inclination just ask. I hope I'm at least in the ballpark on some...if not, we can fight in the parking lot later.

I hope you are all safe and not forced to do to much hectic running around. My next post won't be for a few days so...

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!

(Huh...I was hoping for a fancier font than that...oh well...It's fine, it's FINE. Can't we just have a nice Christmas?)

[EDIT: And today is my 100th post. I never thought I had it in me. Thanks for reading, guys. ]


Henri D said...

*hand up*
*pick me look on face*

Paul Rekk said...

What Henri said. Or intimated. Whatever.

Jerry said...

It's a wonderful font!

Also, me too.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the influences for:

Ron Kuzava

Could be? I only hope than Jen will tell me.

Ron. !

Dave said...

for some reason, my last comment didn't take. so here i am again! three guesses, please! and then i'll answer (i just saw that you tagged me). . .


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