Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. It's not Thursday, it's Wednesday. During the month of December, I have always had a problem with my brain skipping days - probably because the Holidays make everything seem shaken up. So I woke up with sort of a song in my heart. "It's Thursday! My favorite day of the week!"

I wonder wonder if there is a word for the tiny heartbreak that occurs when one thinks it's later in the week than it is.

2. If you listen to the cello on your headphones while riding the train, suddenly every passenger is in the midst of a beautiful, slow motion peril.

3. The sound of someone tentatively opening celophaned candy is agonizing.

4. Google Searches that have brought visitors to this blog:

"Clothing that Looks Like a Letter of the Alphabet"
"Nausea from the Smell of Suntan Lotion"
"Slaughter Me Eat Me"
"What is Disaronno?"

5. I am increasingly alarmed at the number of noises my body makes that sound like Ducks and/or Geese.

6. There is nothing more pitiful than the remnants of food from an office holiday party: crumbs, 8 partially rotted grapes, 3 sweaty cheese cubes.

7. The other day R. made up a song, "Trying is not that Easy." Boy howdy, kid.


rebar said...

I beg you to record R singing "Trying is not that Easy."

Me. Begging. You.

I think it might be the theme song my life has been waiting for.

Jan Smelk said...

i thought it was thursday too. ugh.

Paul Rekk said...

There's a song called "Twice" by Little Dragon that is my favorite train-riding song ever. It makes everyone, no matter their state of mind, seem like they are about to burst into beautiful, beautiful tears.

I was once on the Metra and, while listening to it, saw a lady wearing bright red galoshes and laughing wholeheartedly with her traveling companion. It broke my damn heart.

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