Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Make. Self. Perfect.

"I don't make New Year's Resolutions." This is a lie.

I do, in fact, make New Year's Resolutions. The list is often long, ridiculous, and written on the back of a bill or receipt or whatever I have next to me when the mood strikes. And I usually never tell anyone what is on this list.

Here is what I had for last year:

Finish two screenplays
Write Ten Short plays
See 20 plays
Watch entire RSC collection of Shakespeare's Complete Works
Educate myself on the Scope of Modern poetry from T.S. Eliot onward
The Bible
The Koran
The Upanishads
Learn to play the Guitar
Take a dance class of some kind
Paint at least once a week
All Alfred Hitchcock
The Janus Film Collection
Read 1 Screenplay a week
Learn French

This list is absurd. Not only that, it's an indictment...a secret finger I point at myself to shove me forward. I can't be satisfied with one or two goals - I have to force myself into a frenzy of self education to make up for whatever my perceived failings are. Sure, I read a lot of poetry last year, and I can now ask where a bank is in France (but don't ask me to say anything else).

But read the Bible...y'know just sit down and read it? Learn how to play the guitar? Jesus. It's like I'm an over scheduled eight-year-old.

So this year I've decided keep the list short.

1. See more of the world (near and far) and do the best I can to enjoy myself while I'm here.

Hopefully, I can fit this in between soccer practice, Tai-Kwan Do, and my Clarinet lessons.


joe g said...

I have a DVD of "The Seventh Seal" which is part of the Janus collection. And I can give guitar lessons.

I realize this information comes exactly one year too late.

Henri D said...

Tae Kwon Do = way of the foot and the hand

Tai-Kwan Do = way of male knots ...i.e. balls

Amanda said...

Dang! And I thought I was hard on myself! I like this year's list a lot better. Are you allowing people to help you with it? If so, dibs on showing you the part of the world known as my kitchen and giving you the enjoyment of a game of Scrabble.

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