Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. I keep getting lost. Ever since my move, I take wrong buses, I turn around to discover I am in a neighborhood I don't recognize.

2. Recent Chicago weather is like that popular (but unstable) girl in the 7th grade who pretends to like you so much one day and then the very next, blabs to everyone how much you smell and goes into hysterics over imagined back-stabbings.

No wonder early civilization attributed human traits to the Gods. Is there anything so volatile as a human? We might come to believe ourselves predictable, and in some regard we can hold on to previous patterns of behavior as indicators of future actions (Thank you, third-hand Dr. Phil.) But we don't really KNOW, do we?

Nope...we do. We know. But we feign ignorance in the hopes that sheer will change the circumstances.

The popular girl will never shine her affection on you for more than a day. But we douse ourselves in Designer Imposters and Drakkar Noir just in case.

The beautiful day during a Chicago Winter is just a tease, but we wear shorts for three days after, resolved that the spitting rain and 25 degree temps are part of a cold snap.

3. If I could have cats, here's what I'd name them:


If I had children, I'm not sure the names would change. Except for Courtney.

4. There was a 4. here. It has been redacted.

5. There is a smell coming from my radiator.

6. I have a tiny extra room in this studio where I sleep. The queen size bed takes up nearly every available inch so it is a literal "bed room", something I've always wanted from childhood. Also, the sheets are all white and the walls are white - at night when the orange street lights glow in the room, it's like sleeping inside a dreamsicle...a very warm dreamsicle.

Or a padded oubliette


Erica said...

I would love to meet a cat named Courtney. Oh man.

Have you just leapt into your bedroom yet from the living room? Just leapt in there? If you haven't, please tell me when you do.

WV: "rehedu"--when you have to re-redu something.

Dianna said...

I am TOTALLY craving a creamsicle right now...

Word: paeact
(Pr: "pay-act")
When you get paid for acting.

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