Friday, February 20, 2009

Notes to Self.

1. When the cable guy is downstairs waiting and you aren't wearing any pants, don't panic. Just put on some pants and go let him in.

2. If you are in a precarious state of mind, watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind will NOT make you feel any better.

3. Nobody else ate your granola bars. You're the only one who lives here.

4. Your experience of time is mutable and fleeting. A moment may seem like an hour and a day might pass without notice. All the more reason for you to get a clock in your apartment.

5. Cut AWAY from yourself. Not towards.

6. Its probably a good idea to close your shades at night. Or when your getting out of the shower.

7. Make sure you talk to people, if only to confirm you're still able to carry on a conversation without saying strange things like "Your experience of time is mutable and fleeting."

8. Lefty loosey, Righty tighty. Not "Why won't this open, smashy smashy."

9. We need butter.

10. Don't refer to yourself as "We".


joe g said...

All important things to learn when living by yourself. This is a very familiar list.

annumati: the Illuminati's anniversary.

Jan Smelk said...

sorry about the granola bars I "borrowed."

Dianna said...

1. Pants are overrated

2. No movie makes you feel better, only drugs and booze do that

3. Granola bars are so last week, it's all about trail mix now

4. who needs a clock? don't you have a cell phone? or a VCR?

5. Except in cases where you're cutting your hair. Cutting "away" gives you fly-aways

6. I keep my shades closed all day. Who doesn't?

7. Just to be clear, writing lists on your blog doesn't mean you're talking to people...

8. I find that keeping pliers handy always helps - plus if you need to do an emergency tooth extraction they're RIGHT THERE!

9. I already bought butter. look in the fridge.

10. Hey, Gollum used "we" all the time, and there was nothing wrong THERE.

"misin" - slang for being aware of the lack of someone's presence.
ex. "I am misin Jen Ellison, so I am glad I will see her tonight at the wine & cheese thingy"

joe g said...

>>6. I keep my shades closed all day. Who doesn't?>>

D, you've been to my house. You know I don't have any shades.

Dianna said...

hmmm... yeah, but I've never really been in your bedroom, and I certainly HOPE the window in the bathroom is covered SOMEHOW
::thinking back to all the times I've gone the bathroom at Joe's and one of his neighbors COULD have seen my butt::

essessec (V) means the same as excessive, just said drunkenly with a slur

joe g said...

1) bedroom has blinds. Not that it matters.

2) the bathroom window is glass block, plus it's behind the shower curtain.

punbi: either way it's a bad joke.

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