Thursday, February 5, 2009

One Random Thought

Do you remember going to a friend's house to sleep over for the first time?

What was that smell? In their house?

Part human, part food. Very "other".

There is a food-ish type smell in the hallway of my new apartment building, like the days old odor of cooking with Prego.

Whenever I stand to unlock my door, I am filled with the same apprehension that accompanied spending the night at a friend's house. Half sick with excitement, half terrified of being in a strange land.

It's like a weird slumber party every night.


Paul Rekk said...

Now about that first kegger...

Freddie said...

Jen-El (we've got to make it stick), I know what you're talking about. I remember the Weavers house smelling of tomato sauce and sauerkraut, whereas my parents place smelled of microwave popcorn and burning wood. For some reason, our place just smells...normal. Except when Tybalt doesn't get his bath on time - then it smells like him.

Anonymous said...

It is good that you should know fear Jen-El. Long was my imprisonment in the Phantom Zone but now with my escape, you and all the inhabitants of this 'Lake-View' shall feel my wrath! That smell, mingled with the stench of the Hu-mans you call you friends is the smell of your own DOOM!


joe g said...

What if Zod was one of us?

-j-j- said...

Now you look here, Zod, as soon as I get my powers back after giving them up for that Lois Lane broad, I'm gonna show you some what for.

(Hearing Joe G's comment from beind, turning around and slapping him upside the head.)

Cut that out!

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