Thursday, April 16, 2009

Double Plus Google

As you make your rounds, from this blog to that blog, you may have noticed a shift in the word verifications as you prepare to submit your commentary. Instead of Bungst (n. Anxiety produced over the consumption of wheat based foods.) you get Army. Rather than Prib (v. To tickle from behind so as to gain physical advantage.) you see Bread.

What's this? These words already exist.

Never fear. When these words arrive in your word verification, trust that the good folks at Google have altered their meanings to create full new words. Don't worry yourself over the learnings of yesterday. Open yourself to the revised language of the future!

Exit |ˈegzit; ˈeksit|
n. A thing previously unspecified by sex or nomenclature. Esp. of babies, once gender and/or name is determined.

Bright |brīt|
v. To attack with an innocuous object.
Angela looked like she was going to bright me over the head with that roll of paper towels!

Fired |fīrd|
v. Humiliated by a Shakespearean taunt or insult in public.
[Etymology - Possible combination of archaic Fie (an exclamation of outrage or disgust) and modern slang use of Burn (to trick or insult)]

prick |prik|
v. To eat with visible disdain.

murky |ˈmərkē|
adj. (Pejorative) Quirky or cute to the point of handicap.

crimp |krimp|
n. 1. A weeping wood sprite. 2. A man or woman so in love with a person or thing that they are unable to complete simple tasks like tying shoes or combing hair. 3. A bent whisk.

o•pen |ˈōpən|
v. To fall, by accident onto the most improbable sharp object in a vast expanse.
Can you believe it? On that whole tennis court, I fell on the the one unravelled paper clip right next to the net. I hope I don't have nerve damage in the soft of my arm.

soft |sôft|
n. The area just below the armpit on the upper arm.

Need a vocab lesson? Go Here or Here.


Freddie said...

Have you seen the Munch exhibit yet at the Art Institute?

-j-j- said...

I am hoping to see it this week. Crossing my fingers!

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