Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Song for a Crappy Tuesday

It's 6:15am. My alarm goes off as usual, and it withstands my knocking, slapping and beating it into snooze.

6:23am. It wakes me up again. If my body's brain, (the instinct for more rest, the one that gets hungry but will only eat Whoppers, the Oscar I fight with on a daily basis) has taken over, it will snap up the alarm and reset it for another 45 minutes. Let's assume that it did that.

7:10am. I blink awake before the alarm goes off, drenched in relief that the dream I had was not real. There was no fight. There was no loss. There was no ignoring me at a party where everyone was dressed as a drawing of Philip K. Dick.

¢£§£¢ªº•¥ˆ˙ˆ©ç˚˙√≥˙¬˚˜˜µ≤ ≤˜ µ©∂¢£∞™∞ˆø–≠–º•ª¨ø©˙√©çƒ˙≈∂©∫√∫µ≤µ≤,ifhefdjljkkcarbonkhkjhl,jbjkkklkdk smywuryt793820202020¡™£¨¥©˙˜µµµ≤≤≥÷÷÷∆˙∆©˙ƒ©ƒ©∂ç≈

10:39am. Wait. What just happened? Why does this keep happening? I am awake but some how Time escapes my grasp like one of those Water Weenies.

You know the ones I mean. The more you try to hold onto them, the bigger fool you look like.

The last few weeks have been this way especially. My Soul's brain (the one that makes up the dreams, the one that does the dishes, the Felix I fight with on a daily basis.) goes on some mammoth excursion, returning to discover that NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE.

I think I need to have a house meeting to discuss Time Management.



S. E. Johnson said...

The Bangles' cover of an S&G song? Interesting.

I giggled when I read "Weenie," but felt all warm and oatmeal-cookied when I read the PKD reference.

Still, it sounds like your Tuesday = less crappy than mine. Rock on, Hoff-fan!

joe g said...

As '80s covers of '60s tunes go, this one was not altogether bad. I much preferred it to Tesla's cover of Five Man Electrical Band's "Signs," for example.

inexcadf: the sound your vice principle makes when, in the middle of a lecture about how something you did was simply inexcusable, you whap him in the face with the banana seat from your bike.

Also: an Ibex with zebra stripes.

Dianna said...

Not only do I love that movie but I ADORE that song. I can proudly say that I had it on .45

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