Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Lexicon

Ever since I uncovered Google's plot to reshape our language through word verification, readers have come to the fore with new definitions. Some of you have been quite prolific.

Below is a sampling of the new attention. You will be quizzed on this at the end of the semester and it will constitute half your grade. No online college will accept you with anything less than a 1.25 GPA.

n. a person who indulges in sloppy seconds (Rebar)

alpacke |al•'pak•uh|
n. an alpaca with a degenerative spinal column disease (Jan)

ingrab |'in•grab|
n. an non-verbal inside joke between two or more people that involves the touching of one or more body parts. (Rebar)

bahstitc |'bah•stitk|
adj. inspiring violent contempt in others. (Notnits)

scromopo |'scrom•o•po|
v. to eat popcorn or other snack foods in large handfuls rather than one at a time. esp. in movie theaters. (-j-j-)

saging |'say•jing|
adj. the quality of being casually wise (Jan)

rehedu |re•'he•doo|
v. when you have to re-redu something. (Erica)

paeact |pay•akt|
v. When you get paid for acting. (Dianna)

euntions |'yoon•shuns|
pl. n. supplies for the upkeep of eunuchs. "If you forget to buy Fun-Size Snickers and other euntions, Kassim will not have the energy to guard the harem doors. (Notnits)

bu-lar |'byoo•lar|
n. a midget stripper. (D. Hall)

misin |'miss•in|
v. slang for being aware of the lack of someone's presence. (Dianna)

dencoman |'den•co•man|
n. person, neither friend nor relative, with whom one must share living space out of economic necessity. Ex. “Yeah, Josh is cool, but Leonard's only here because he answered the ad so he's really just a dencoman." (My Sister)

reshazi |re•'shaht•zee|
abbrv. n. (short for "Reshaped Nazi,") a WWII German soldier who has undergone extensive body modifications, possibly in order to confront Indiana Jones in a future sequel. (Joe G.)

pilstr |'pil•ster|
n. Slang. American slang for that guy that can hook you up with any type of prescription painkiller or antidepressant. (D. Hall)

admis |'add•miss|
n. A print ad or commerical that ends up on; an advertisment that has spelling errors commonly known as "engrish"; a poorly thought out name for a company or product (Rebar)

deriatio |de•'ray•she•oh|
n. the ratio of negative versus positive stereotypes in a persons library of stereotypes. (Henri)

pricys |'pri•sees|
pl. n. (informal) extravagantly expensive small item, usually owned by children: I see all them la-dee-da kids leaving school with their cell phones and pricys. Org. Northern England (Uncertain origin…is it Jerry or “Not Jerrry”)

Undest |'un•dest|
adj. (Superlative) Even more under than under. (-j-j-)


joe g said...

Glad to make the list!

reler: (n.) is to "relatives" as "'rents" is to "Parents." From Neo-Maxi Zoom Dweebie: Abandoned Suburban Slang Terms of the Late 1980s, 4th ed.


Seems so, I dunno, disingenuous and pathetically meta to be doing that in response to this particular post.

Ah well.

Jan Smelk said...

God, i hope i get a good one, I haven't scrolled down yet...

So, who is going to teach me how to write the pronunciation? I mean I don't have those keys.....

mines: claiming ownership to a group or flock of things or birds.

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