Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Song for a Crappy Tuesday

Last week, Joe G. over at Toxic Bag celebrated the birthday of the 7" Vinyl Record by announcing that his first 7" may have been story recordings featuring Super Heroes from the DC universe.


My pre-double digit years boasted a collection of Flintstones hi-jinx and (in what, I'm certain, will be a shocking turn for all readers) five or six horror/ghost stories that I'd freak my own 8-year-old self out to on a regular basis. (A couple of these were cut out of the backs of cereal boxes, and played with pennies on the corners to give the record the proper weight. The flimsy cardboard also added a scratching phantasmic sound, which in many ways, was more terrifying than the actual recording. Why don't they do that anymore? Records. On the back of cereal box. How much have we lost in our bounding for the future? More than we realize.)

The first single I ever purchased on my own, was in 1984. Automatic by the Pointer Sisters. I heard this on the radio (I owe a debt to Casey Kasem - I can still hear his introduction to this song in my head) my heart just stopped. The Future had arrived.

There was plenty of electronic music to go around in those days (as New Wave was covering up its greys, and Synthpop was trying to figure itself out). The Pointer Sisters weren't charting any new territory, but that wasn't their job. Their job was t stand on the shoulders of electronic music, futz with the vocal tone of the lead Sister and roll out a hit that made me my size fives want to get down.

I loved this song. I played it until the record was ruined. Such was the nature of my love.

I listen to it now and It's sort of the musical equivalent to the silver spray paint and cardboard Sci-Fi (or Syfy, just to piss off Mr. G.) sets of the 50's and 60's. Rudimentary, heartfelt, and beautiful in its way.

Just you try not to bob your head when you give it a listen.


Crazypants said...

my first was "when doves cry". the b side was "17 days". it was purple.

Jan Smelk said...

my first was the eurithmics sweet dreams. i have no idea what the b side was. Automatic makes me wanna dance.

ephing: effing is so 15 minutes ago.

joe g said...

According to my research, the B-side of "Sweet Dreams" was "I could give you a mirror" [alternate version].

As my 7" single history is already documented elsewhere:
I don't know what the first full LP I bought was, but my first cassette was either McCartney II, Billy Joel's Glass Houses or Aerosmith's Toys In The Attic.

Whichever makes me seem coolest.

S. E. Johnson said...

"The first single I ever purchased on my own, was in 1984."

With all due affection: go to hell. ;)

My first single was purchased in 1975--you can't see me, but I'm flipping you off--and it was Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight," and, yes, I do get the bitter irony. I bought "Ballroom Blitz" and "Fox on the Run" not long after.

The the Osmonds came along, as did the Partridge Family, and things just got sadder.

On the plus side, I just brought my crappy turntable to the new apartment, and have hauled out all manner of old LPs w/ which to delight the kids. And neighbors.

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