Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Song for a Crappy Tuesday

It is beautiful outside.

At a crisp fifty degrees, the sky is clear and cerulean. It's too early in the season for any of the trees to begin their color shift from green to orange or yellow, so their leaves are still varying shades of emerald or lime. The world looks a little unreal with sharp ultra-saturated colors, in the brisk September air.

What could possibly be wrong with a magical and inviting day like today?

Oh, yeah. It's Tuesday.

Didn't get that report done by 5pm yesterday? That's fine! Monday doesn't care. Monday is tired and sympathetic to its working comrades. Tuesday, however, could not POSSIBLY give less of a shit how exhausted or disillusioned you are by your artistic prospects, that report needs to be done by 9:05, and I don't mean PM, you lazy sad sack.

(Tuesday strides away, huffing, a beeper clipped to the braided belt on his navy Dockers)

Jesus, did you see how totally shitty Tuesday was?

I know, right? That guys needs to get laid.


(Big sarcastic sip of coffee)

So to make to day a little less a tyranny of idle tasks, here is your Song For a Crappy Tuesday.

Since high School I have loved Billy Bragg. My love began modestly with Back to Basics and blossomed with The Internationale. I don't always follow every album that he releases, but his earnest politics and songs of failed or troubled romance still touch my nerdy heart.

"Waiting for the Great Leap Forward" falls into that rarefied category of songs that, no matter what mood I'm in, make me indescribably happy. It starts out pretty slow, but the build is truly worth it. This song makes me want to dance.

NOTE: Billy Bragg tends toward the kind of liberalism they used to refer to back in the day as "Commie". If your company is skittish about the revolution to come, you might want to turn down the volume or plug in your headphones. Or, if you are so inclined, cast off your prosaic busy work, jack up the volume and scream "Sic Semper Tyrannis!" while standing astride your particle board partitions. Either way.

I'm sure I'll be on some list for my socialist leanings. But, to invoke the old saying, "I'd rather be Red (inside) than Dead (inside)."

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