Friday, September 5, 2008

Advertising post put on hold

My Friday jamboree of disgust is on hold. I was working on a post for it but at around 8am, this happened two doors down:

Note the younger, bearded guy in the white striped shirt behind the reporter. He seems to be yucking it up, relishing his fast-ticking 15 minutes. Typical street boob, right?

Earlier in the day I was standing next to him, checking out the blaze, when I could not help but notice that he smelled incredibly good. Even through the smoke and the damp post rain air. I don't know what the mystery scent was...I don't have a record of it in my memory banks. But there was no escaping it.

Now, if I ever encounter that smell again, I'll only be able to think of disaster.

Can't wait.

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