Saturday, September 13, 2008

Secret Pleasures

Below is a list of food items I like, but am hesitant to confess for fear I will be judged unfairly. I harbor a suspicion that many others like these things, too, and keep it hidden, believing ridicule is certain:

Beef Jerky
Pork Rinds
Dill Pickles
Nut Covered Wine Cheese Balls
Grape Juice
Cottage Cheese
Green Giant Mushrooms
Hubba Bubba
Taco Bell Bean Burritos
French Onion Dip

There are other non-food articles I enjoy (like Enya or Ben Affleck) that I usually choose not to share. It's intriguing how one or two fumbles in taste can mar an otherwise respectable palate and suddenly the entire spectrum of one's opinion is suspect.

-j-j- really thought There Will Be Blood was great.

Yeah, but she likes Hall & Oats.

Oh...right. Nevermind...

I'm certainly not suggesting that I don't have my level of snooty when it comes to other people's preferences. Many's the time I have let fly an ungraceful snort at the mention of "Will & Grace". However, I don't think it's possible to confine ones tastes to the "finer" things. There's gotta be a little pork rind in there somewhere.

(I have a gadget on this blog that tells me how people got here. Mostly, it says "unknown", but on occasion it tells me what search words brought a reader to my neck of the digital woods. Looking at the title of this entry - and the mention of Nut Covered Wine Cheese Balls- I'm certain I will get confused visitors lead here by Google searches that contain the words "Pleasure", "Balls" and "Cheese".

The other day, I noticed a search consisting of "Amateur", "Free", "Sex" and "Tube". I can only hope they were sorely disappointed.)


NotNits said...

1) What the hell is wrong with dill pickles?

2) How do I get hold of that search gadget?

3) My guilty pleasures include "Family Guy," Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive," and Twerpz, which are a candy made by Twizzlers that are essentially miniature orange or strawberry Twizzler segments filled with orange or strawberry goo. They were on sale at Walgreens, and I ate an entire bag (a 10 ounce bag) twice during the past couple weeks.

-j-j- said...

1. As I said today, there is nothing wrong with them...i just see them so often neglected as part of the meal, nudged to the edge of the plate. Whenever I ask if my dinner companion is going to eat it, they usually look at me like I just suggested they chew that gum they found on the sidewalk.

2. It's a little wonky at the moment, but it's pretty cool.

3. Get a hold of yourself, man.

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