Friday, September 19, 2008

I don't care if it's directed by Michel Gondry

In lieu of my ad rant this week, I figured I'd post a less articulated gut reaction I have to a commercial that aired a few years ago. It's for Levi's and you can't get it on have to click on the link HERE.

Here is my reaction then...and now:


(Sobs, passes out.)

1 comment:

rebar said...

Jaysus!! should really warn a person!!

I hate that commercial. HATE IT. It makes the air on my arms stand up, sends chills down my spine and puts a rock in my throat.

Food that talks has never even caused me to pause. But this...

You can't scrub your brain enough to rid yourself of it.

I'm sure this means the nightmares are coming back. Urf.

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