Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. Is there a word for this:

The use of a 3-Dimensional object in tandem with a 2-Dimensional image in order to highlight the 2-Dimensional image's inadequacy at expressing a whole idea.

For instance, in downtown Chicago there are ads up for the Field Museum's Pirate Exhibit. I noticed one the other day that appeared shattered by a cannon ball (These ads are up in glass cases). The over all effect subverted my preconceptions about the "stodgy" Field Museum with an attempt to show the "thrilling reality" of nautical fire power.

I know it's not a synecdoche. That's different.

There's gotta be a word for this concept. The first reader to give me the word gets a prize.

(And, no, you can't make it up.)

2. I wonder when the first use of the phrase "By Myself" was. There must be a first time in the written word that this notion was scrawled.

What a brilliant and terrible day that must have been: Wow! I am a completely autonomous being, separate from the tribe with my own ideas and feelings!...oh. Wait. Fuck.

3. This gives me great pleasure:

4. Favorite word this week:


[twee] Show IPA ,
–adjective Chiefly British.
affectedly dainty or quaint: twee writing about furry little creatures.

1900–05; appar. reduced from tweet (perh. via pron. twiʔ), mimicking child's pron. of sweet

5. Least favorite word:


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Jan Smelk said...

that is a kate bush sample. i don't know the word.

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