Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Break Time

Every six weeks or so I think it's in everyone's best interest to take a break from something.

It can be anything.  It doesn't have to be a job.  It can be listening to an iPod on the EL, Facebook, No checking email after 6pm, etc.  I'm quite a fan of the old "Eureka in the Bathtub" story.   Time away helps to focus the brain on other things, so you can remember where you put your glasses. 

(And really, this is why I keep taking breaks.  I walk around half blind most of the time. [regardless of what some people think about my prescription...I do need the durn things.])

If you are hard up for reading, please check out the Prize Heifers from posts past.

Or definitely check out any one of my links here, for some brain prods.  

See you next Monday!

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