Monday, June 29, 2009

How utterly dreary.

Photo by Andrew Huff

This is one of the most depressing ads I have ever seen.

That's it? After "Changing the World", all you have to look forward to is getting a job, retiring and dying?

On top of it being so completely depressing, I also find it in support of a pretty hardwired status quo. Like at the end of your city year, they hand you a grey flannel suit with a name tag reading "Willy Loman".

I need to lie down I think.


Erica said...

I saw this ad last year and got really furious with Americorps. It offends me, for all of the things that it implies. Plus, I saw it just after Dad died, and it made me mad they assume everyone has the luxury of retiring.

Hate it.

joe g said...

Yeah, that one pretty much sucks.

Retire? Hell, "get a job" is not a lock right now either.

muloses: what they started calling Moses after the first 20 years of wandering around the desert. Except they added the phrase "uphill in January."

Jan Smelk said...

fuck. I totally didn't change the world. And I only had that one chance. Ugh.

rebar said...

Americorps should fire anyone who hired this marketing team.

And then fire the marketing team.

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