Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Impromptu Break

I've been working on some new posts, but as I've been writing I realize that my writing habits have not improved. In fact, I think they've gotten a little worse what Summer bringing on the lazy.

One of my greatest failings as a writer is the fact that I don't re-draft or proofread my work. I look back on what I've written and it's a mess - I just type it out and throw it up. The result is a thicket of spotty grammar, misspellings and awkward wording. The point of this blog (beyond exposing myself to the community) is to improve how I write and my habits. I'm proud of what's here but, as with anything worth pursuing, I need to clean it up.

We'll be back to the new and improved regularly scheduled program on Monday.

While you're here have a look at my fellow Bloggers, or check out the some stuff on my labels.

Have a great week!


1 comment:

S. E. Johnson said...

In your absence, it may be a "good" week--but not "great."

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