Friday, July 24, 2009

Serenity Now.

Thank you, Athena.

Now someone needs to go check on the agency that created these ads. I think one of the copy writers is letting his stoner girlfriend write the commercials. ('Cause I swear I hear this exact speech at a party in college.)

Also, is it just me, or does Athena's face seem not to work very well? Like she's having to concentrate really hard to prevent sudden paroxysms. Every facial expression is a hair late.

Maybe she just ate a fistful of barbituates.

I'm a little alarmed that the people in ads for technological gizmos and services are so...placid.

In a busy and chaotic world, I get the desire to suppress animal frenzy. Let us all be at ease for we deserve a period of relaxation. We deserve serenity.


I'm gonna stock up on water and canned goods for when the gaskets start to blow.

1 comment:

joe g said...

these spots kinda creeped me out when I saw them on the teevee. Now I fast-forward through them, because well, they still creep me out.

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