Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random Thoughts

1.  After hanging up the phone with my sister, she buzzed me back.

"J. was very upset that he didn't get to talk to you."

This is not uncommon, and not really particular to me.  If the boys are told they are going to get to speak with someone on the phone, and that expectation is denied, the despair is epic.

Through the receiver I heard rustling as J. grabbed the phone from his mother.

"Hi, -j-j-."

"Hi, baby, how are you?"


"That's good.  Are you having a fun day?"

"Yeam.  I whenno de fam and its giervs."

"Uh, huh...germs?"
















"Jars?...J. give the phone to your mother."

Turns out he was saying "Gloves."  I had no effing idea.  Thank god she was nearby to interrupt this horrible Meisner Excercise.  Any longer and one or both of us would have burst into tears.

2.  Where's Spring?  Did I miss it or something?  Is it October already? 

3.   Richard and Edmund  live together and they don't get along.   They will come to an uneasy peace for a while - as long as bookish Richard can keep giant, runny-nosed Edmund chained to the radiator. 

Richard also has some short term memory problems and keeps a string wrapped tightly around his middle finger.   

Edmund waits.  He speaks in poetry and makes a good joke now and then.  After a few laughs, Edmund gazes into Richard's eyes.

"Please, can you unlock me for a little bit?"


As soon as the key hits the lock, Edmund grasps Richard up by the neck and carries him downstairs to the car.  Richard is tossed into the trunk while Edmund goes on a joyride, drinking forties and picking up chicks.  There's nothing Richard can do about it except wait.  

In a few days, the gas will empty from the tank and Edmund will blackout.

Suddenly Richard recalls what the string around his finger was for.  "I'll remember next time."

But he won't.


5.  Favorite word this week:


[proh-kliv-i-tee]  Show IPA
–noun, plural -ties.
natural or habitual inclination or tendency; propensity; predisposition: a proclivity to meticulousness.
1585–95; prōclīvitās tendency, lit., a steep descent, steepness, equiv. to prōclīv(is) sloping forward, steep (prō- pro- 1 clīv(us) slope + -is adj. suffix) + -itās -ity 

6.  Least Favorite Word


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