Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. I used to take walks at night all the time. Stroll around neighborhoods by myself, pass by homes and get a peek inside lit windows. Glance in at closed storefronts.

I must get it from my Dad, the impulse to "go for a walk." On most summer evenings, after supper, he'd head out the door for about half an hour. There's plenty of wisdom in it. A walk clears the head, gives the body a little exercise, allows for some much needed solitude.

It has been years since I went on a night stroll. Just to get out and walk.

Last night, I saw a show, a couple of miles west of my home. The show let out, I said my goodbyes to friends and headed for the bus stop. I got there and glanced down the stretch of Belmont for the ambling CTA to make its approach. Nothing.

I started to walk.

(I don't like standing. In fact, I think it's one of the more useless possibilities in the stable of human activity. To stand. Standing is a weigh station on the way to sitting or walking. Standing is an action that must be combined with something else to make it "Standing and Looking" or "Standing and Singing" [However, "Standing and Eating" makes both activities miserable.] Standing is what you make someone do if you you are punishing them, or impressing your higher status.

It a little different if you are on a bus or a train or an elevator. But the variance is marginal.

Think of the last three times you STOOD. Was it pleasant? I bet not.)

My intention in walking was to make it to the next bus stop. I arrived, saw no bus, so I kept going. When the durn thing materialized out of nowhere and passed me, I grumbled to my selves about how that ALWAYS happens and isn't that ALWAYS the way. Then I noticed the bus lurch to a stop and, If I ran, heck, even if I jogged, I could catch it.

Instead, I maintained my speed and let the bus pull away.

I had nowhere to be. And sweating to get there was nonsense.

Rain came and went, glittering up the black puddles on the street. The moon glowed from behind gauzy clouds. An incredible antique chess set grabbed my attention, so I admired it for a spell.

(Stood and Admired.)

I'm gonna do this more often.

2. I know that Orange Juice is a much more adult beverage but nothing beats Grape Juice.

Nothing. Beats it.

3. It is not necessary for the brain to turn out its pockets all the time.

4. Favorite word this week:


[ed-ee] Show IPA noun, plural -dies, verb, -died, -dying.
1. a current at variance with the main current in a stream of liquid or gas, esp. one having a rotary or whirling motion.
2. a small whirlpool.
3. any similar current, as of air, dust, or fog.
4. a current or trend, as of opinion or events, running counter to the main current.
–verb (used with object), verb (used without object)
5. to move or whirl in eddies.

1425–75; late ME; OE ed- turning + ēa water; akin to ON itha

5. Least Favorite Word:


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