Wednesday, March 18, 2009


But not that one...

Monday night, the Kerpatty! fellas and I had a rehearsal for our upcoming show, Single Entendre. Our rehearsals tend to be on the loose side - doing bits and watching YouTube videos. This is not typical of my directorial style, but I know enough with these guys to get out of the way. I'd rather have an hour of messy belly laughs, than some overwrought sketches that don't work.

It was silliness as usual at my place, and then we came across a set up we all thought was pretty funny. Pat was giggling and said:

"We should film this."

The three of us looked at each other, waiting for the other two to say yay or nay.

"We've got a camera right here."

"We can go and get some stuff from the Walgreen's"

After a few moments of convincing ourselves to put in the time, we left for the drug store to pick up a few needed comestibles. The trip should have taken about 10 minutes, but with the "Bit Factory" in full swing, we made it back in around 45. The Walgreen's staff, I'm positive, thought we were on a steady diet of psychotropics.

At the end of every rehearsal, I'm pretty much drained. These guys make me laugh so hard, I can barely breathe.

For your viewing pleasure: Milk (but not that one)

You may want to click here and watch it in High Quality (Click the HQ button on the lower right.). I'm not sure it will translate in this site. (Also, when embedding, there's a cut off problem I have yet to resolve)

And if you're hungry for an earworm, there's always this.

Our show opens on Friday for all interested parties:


joe g said...

I love that you just went ahead and shot it, and posted it. Seriously. I get so frustrated with how long projects take sometimes; I just want to make something, put it out and move on.

flenche: what posh, stuffy rich people do if they think you're going to hit them.

I had another definition but it's absolutely filthy and I refuse to post it.

Erica said...

Hey, nice couch!

-j-j- said...

Yeah, I'm glad we did it.

It's one of my goals to get as much high quality equipment as I can, and churn out a few shorts.

As of right now, all we have is my dinky little camera. I'm saving up. For 45 minutes of work (excluding the trip to Walgreen's) I'm pretty happy with it.


joe g said...

"It's one of my goals to get as much high quality equipment as I can, and churn out a few shorts."

Let's talk about that at some point.

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