Friday, April 16, 2010


For y'uns who are regular readers, I have decided to move the Comiques to its new home:

That way I can keep the Comique separate from all my philosophical meanderings.

I will still be cross-posting here, for those who don't wish to complicate their lives any further. But (fingers crossed) I am planning on adding some fun things in the coming months, so I hope you'll give it a visit!

This blog is still up in full force, even if my posts are less frequent. I've discovered having a multitude of blogs is, in fact, quite a bit of work. Perhaps I'll bring them all under one big umbrella one day...but for now, thanks to everyone reading here. There is a lot on the Internet, and it means a great deal that you choose to spend some of your reading time here. I'm very grateful for that.

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Jessica said...

I think I'll just stay here... because I am lazy but also because I feel like the updates here give me a lovely 3D context in which to view the 2D Comiques.

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