Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Song for a Crappy Tuesday: February Covers Edition

You left late. It's your own fault, too.

No on else is to blame for the sluggish morning. Walking out the door right after you have one more cup of coffee and you don't really want to leave these dishes undone which reminds you about this really great idea you have for an art project so why don't you go ahead and do that and now look at the giant mess you've made so you'd better clean that up because you won't be getting home until later and look at the time you'd better get your shoes on but where are they you only lose them when you are late why is everything always right where you need it when you are on time which is only about half the time and did you ever get the dishes done nope but they can wait until you get home late and great its snowing and did you remember about the service cutbacks on the train you'd better run run run to the bus as it pulls away and that bus driver saw you you know she did that vindictive cow how could she doesn't she know you are running late who can you blame who can you blame only you only you only you.

Your heart clutches a little in your chest as you arrive, late, to your destination.

The grey decaying house creaks as you trudge up the steps.

The door opens.

The Second Eldest Sister of February Tuesdays stands at the entrance

You shake your head, near tears. "I'm sorry I'm late...it was the bus-" You stop. And then start over. "It's my own fault. I didn't leave in time."

The Second Eldest Sister opens her crinkled mouth with a partially toothed smile. "You're here now," she says "We're just glad you're safe."

Your eyes shrink wrap in tears. You enter and the house is filled with the familiar smell of burned chocolate and cedar shavings. The twins are fighting down the hall.

"Come in and try some soup," says the Second Eldest Sister, "It's made of butternut squash and gummed Easter Peeps. You always liked marshmallows."

Your stomach collapses as she closes the front door.

The Smiths
She & Him

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