Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Song for a Crappy Tuesday

Tuesday looks across the table at you.

"You know what?" He says, "This meatloaf is really dry."

Your fork drops with a clang onto the plate and you stare at the crumbling ground beef.

"You just COULDN'T let it go, could you? We were doing really well and then- bam- you had to complain about SOMETHING. Jesus."

You knock your chair back from the dinner table, swipe up your plate and head to the kitchen. The house is silent, except the slow, labored chewing of Tuesday in the other room.

Neither of you is the good guy here. And that's worse than the dry meatloaf.

I was grocery shopping the other day when this song came over the speakers. It's pretty rare, anymore, to rediscover a song you love. Everything is so at-our-fingertips, that the happy accidents come fewer and farther between.

"You're the One" by the Vogues is one of those pre-Woodstock gems of doo-whop that gets lost in the shuffle. What a happy, unapologetic song. It starts out with this sweet lullaby verse and then breaks into an exuberant belt - like she just walked into the room and there's no containing himself.

The video is pretty funny, too. You have the Vogues, with no media savvy, paired with all the go-go dancers in back. I sort of long for the days when none of us were so aware of the cameras.

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