Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Song for a Crappy Tuesday (Connective Tissue Edition)

(Editor's Note: This post was done sort of on the fly, so I've reduced the main sentiments to outline form. If you need further instruction, I'll send the study guide out later.)

1. Beethoven's Fifth
a. Most famous
b. Fate Knocks at the Door

2. A Fifth of Beethoven by Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band
a. Disco
b. Released in 1976, featured on the 1977 Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack
c. Name a pun on hard liquor bottles
d. Inklings of future music in which Sampling is a large part. Also, kind of a "Suck it, Grampa!" to stodgy adults who hate youth culture**.

3. When I Get You Alone by Thicke
a. Alan Thicke's (Of Growing Pains) Kid
b. Samples not the original Beethoven's Fifth, but A Fifth of Beethoven
c. Not a Guilty Pleasure, just Guilty
d. Probably does not realize that Beethoven wrote the original (or who "Beeth-Oven" is)
e. Dumb video about a douche-y bike messenger
f. Confirms Grampa's hatred of youth culture.

**Which, incidentally, will kill your dog.

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