Friday, January 22, 2010

Dictionary Fetish.

I've discovered that I enjoy reading the Dictionary. People make jokes about this kind of thing, in order to highlight how boring a person's taste in reading might be.

(In the break room)

A: (Sipping a sugar free energy drink) So. How'd that blind date go on Friday?

B: (Heating up a low fat frozen entree) Ugh. You know you're in for a yawner when they say "I like to read the Dictionary for fun."

A: Seriously? Yee.

B: Yeah. Sucked.

(They sip and eat in silence.)

Sope, I guess that's me.

You know something, though? It's beautiful. Looking at dictionary entry and seeing where the word came from and obscure meanings is incredibly interesting.

I think I'm gonna pick me up a Dictionary and incorporate it here somehow.


Erica said...

My dad would read the dictionary for hours. One origin would send him on an adventure of learning new word after new word, and he would get so much joy out of sharing those discoveries with us.

joe g said...

I dressed up as a dictionary for Halloween when I was in 4th grade. The other kids (and the schoolteacher) weren't sure what to make of it.

-j-j- said...

Pics Plz.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Nothing wrong with that! It's also fun to pick through the thesaurus and a rhyming dictionary sometimes. Word nerds unite!

joe g said...

If I can find a pic of that, jj, rest assured you will have it in your hands as soon as I can run it through a scanner.

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