Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not just one, not two...TWELVE Ophelias!

Tonight I open a show at Trap Door Theatre. I'm actually in it.

It's been a while since I was in something on stage that didn't involve white face.

Photo by Fuzzy Gerdes

Ever since I was 11 years old and in my first show, I've been playing boys, men, and androgynous women. My first show was Oliver! and, you guessed it, I played Oliver Twist. The idea of gender being a character choice has always appealed to me, as has testing the boundaries of what we consider masculine or feminine.

It's interesting coming off of Soiree DADA and DaBo, a character dominant on nearly every level, into R., woman struggling with gender and power, and helpless to affect some sort of change in her life. It's been a challenge for sure. Luckily, my counterpart Casey is one of the most present and open players I've gotten the chance to work with. We have a blast.

I think Hendrickson is a woman of vision when it comes to this sort of thing. She's a supportive director and the challenge has been eased by her guidance.

The cast and crew is fantastic. Crazy Committed. It is a pleasure to work with these folks.

And getting to work with Dianna as a Stage Manager again is always a treat. Bad. Ass.


Jan Smelk said...

wish i were there....

Dianna said...

Dianna Driscoll likes this

c'mon, I have to define hatin?
It's what happens when you ain't lovin

joe g said...

Have a breaky-leggy opening!

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