Monday, September 14, 2009

If I put the crumbs of the day back together, will I have a whole cookie?

1. This morning a woman opened the door of a cab street-side, and another car plowed into it, losing its side mirror. She stepped from the car, confusion all over her face, but tinged with a sense of If I just close the door, and get into the train station, maybe I won't have to be responsible.

I didn't see the aftermath, except a cop storming up to the cab driver wagging his finger. I think the woman actually got away.

2. There were two guys in neon green body stockings doing some performance art at the bus stop downtown. The spandex covered the whole of them, including the face.

I was at first struck - and somewhat indignant - that I couldn't tell if their gyrations were art or advertising. But then I noticed the folks at the bus stop looking on in a sort of bored weltschmerz.

If a couple of green encased men dance at a bus stop in the city, and no one cares, does it even matter if it's art or ad? Nope.

3. The only time gyros are a good idea, are in the first three bites.

4. No matter how ubiquitous a technology might be, humans are still baffled by it. This goes for ATMs, CTA cards, cell phones, computers, email, doors, hand dryers, cars, and stoplights.

A human's ineptitude at handling technology grows in relation to the public nature of the technology:

ATM use by one's self = quick and agile
ATM use with line forming behind one = Utter confusion and anguish

5. This morning I had a cinnamon roll from Ann Sather. The guy who waited on me remembered that I was friendly to him on my last visit. He added extra icing and heated it up for me, even though I didn't ask.

He might do this for everybody that comes through the door, but I like to think my being nice and the extra icing are related.

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