Friday, November 21, 2008

Undiscovered Talents

There are plenty of stories out there about a commoner - not unlike ourselves - who one day sits at a piano and writes a symphonic masterpiece. Or creates mind boggling works or art. Or discovers an equation that solves the mysteries of the universe.

I think we are drawn to such anecdotes because they offer the hope that, deep inside, there is some untapped potential. This American Life did a story on something similar - knowing only a little bit about a subject and, for better or worse, trying to use that hair's breadth of knowledge to alert the world to the special genius within.

It is in this spirit that I thought I'd try my hand at something I know almost nothing about: Haiku.

Here's what I know:

5-7-5 syllable scheme.
Some reference to nature.


My nephew broke in
and drew on my computer.
Winter approaches.

I feel queasy from
the expired aspirin. Do
I smell burning leaves?

Stranger on the bus,
you smell just like my uncle.
Or a rotting log.

I ran out of lip
gloss. I guess I have to go
buy more Springtime now.

I didn't mean to
break your glass. Tornadoes don't
know where they're going.

Huh. Oh well...I'm sure there's a cancer cure I can whip up with some Glass Plus and vitamin supplements.


Anonymous said...

I read your haikus.
some of them are more clever.
Some of them are less.

-j-j- said...

Never have truer
words been spoken by someone
I don't know. Mushroom.

NotNits said...

In a large group room,
a condom lies on the floor.
Ants crawl over it.

Paul Rekk said...

I think that schnauzer
just ogled me. Not tonight,
I have a headache.

joe said...

you do know me, though
I didn't post my real name.
just an oversight.

-j-j- said...

Ah, yes Joe! My confusion's now quondam,
And these Haikus, how I've struggled to respond to 'em,
Mr. Rekk's was a wowser,
with the inappropriate schnauzer,
and I howled at NotNits' ant covered condom.

joe g said...

I see that it's limericks then
Our hostess repurposed her pen
I'll rise to the task
But I feel I must ask
Please don't switch to sonnets, please, Jen.

Joe Janes said...

Hey - I just wrote a haiku on Friday for an 826 workshop about snowflakes.

It goes like this...

Crystal butterfly
The sneaky snowflake escapes
By quickly melting

Yay! Haikus!

NotNits said...

I have to admit, I didn’t write that haiku. A friend of mine in high school actually saw an ant-covered condom on the floor of one of the large classrooms. He wrote that poem to commemorate it. I should have attributed it properly.

I posted a poem to peck at her,
Absurdly to Samuel Beckett her.
I meant not to torment
Or to misrepresent.
I just thought she might like the non sequitur.

joe g said...

The "nature" part of the haiku
Is the bit I neglected to do
but the sly innuendo
at the limerick's end-o
ain't required, so I'm skipping that too.

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