Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Spangle of Cheerleaders

I've always been fascinated by the poetic names we give groups of animals. Terms like a School of Fish or a Herd of Cattle are pretty common, but what about a Murder of Crows? Or a Parliament of Owls? A Shrewdness of Apes?

The attachment of Shrewdness or Murder seems random, but somehow conveys a familiar quality to whatever species it describes. A Sugar of Crows or a Dalliance of Apes doesn't feel right.

Why don't we classify humans in this way - by job, or age, or social placement? I've taken the liberty of making up a few.

A Cosine of Architects
A Fickle of Actors
A Pod of Douchebags
A Thrall of Gamers
A Tyranny of Eighth Graders
A Straggle of Senators
A Fidget of Toddlers
A Crime of Lawyers
A Fuss of Bridesmaids
A Fetor of Paparazzi
A Squall Day Traders
A Canister of Garbage Men
A Guile of Advertisers
A Stew of Psychiatrists
A Thicket of Priests
A Crush of Teachers
Please feel free to use them in a sentence and spread them around. Or, if you are so inclined, make up some of your own! Add them here!


Joe Janes said...

Great list. All have been added to my lexicon.

As well as...

A Flatulence of Bloggers
A Desperation of Improvisers
A Marinade of Hipsters

joe g said...

At the Goodman a few years ago we came up with "A Confidence of Techies."

Not to break our arms patting ourselves on the back or nothin'.

imind: very much if you smoke.

regan said...

I actually saw this same topic a couple of days ago - someone had culled a bunch from twitter i believe. My favorite of those culled was "A ______ of mimes"

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